(2 hours)

Art, ethics and technology in an exciting union across 5 millennia!

...There is a place in Tuscany where the fountains speak of astrophysics and tell the history of the earth, the pyramids open up towards the sky making the limestone blocks levitate revealing luminous secrets, the transmutation of gender between "plantae et animalia regnum", man and woman embrace each other in unicum with the earth, the galaxies are in formation, the "Black Hole" is ready to generate a new Universe, and therefore Space and Time in a Pancentric vision, the flaming Chimera returns to life and much more...

Guided tour of the works of art of our internationally renowned artists.

Talking about "Eco/noEthical" works in an artistic context means being able to enclose in a single word four different concepts connected to each other by a thread that is perhaps invisible at first glance, fleeting and distracted, but in reality strong and solid. ART, ENVIRONMENT, NOETICS, ETHICS, interpenetrate in a path of knowledge and contemplation that starts from the eye and reaches the roots of man.

Noèsis is the keystone, it is the intuitive knowledge of the artistic and ethical implications that is obtained in relation to art, it is a synergistic aesthetic-scientific union, made possible by immediate thought materialized thanks to the mental images evoked by the works of art.

You will experience an ethical dimension that encompasses both art and knowledge itself and, therefore, man, with all his limits and his strength.

In other words, you will experience the harmonious union of multiple and distinct dimensions that combine for cognitive purposes.

It is possible to book works in various sizes and at the BOOK SHOP to purchase our publication "Chimera com'era - Il mito unveiled" and other reproductions of the sculptures in a reduced scale.

The visit begins indoors, in the rooms of the Study Center where the prof. Gallorini, president of the Study Center and author of some works, will illustrate their profound meaning and their connection with the ethical values and principles that the Center pursues.

Continuing Outdoor, the larger works are shown and explained.

The main works are equipped with QR codes for explanations in English and Italian.

At the end it is possible to share curiosities, experiences and impressions.

PRICE xx€ per person - 20% discount over 4 participants - children up to 8 years free

IN-DEPTH  Here you can find a broad overview of the works of our members which are also exhibited in important sites and cities.


Minimum 2 (paying) - Maximum 12

In the case of larger groups it is possible to carry out the visit in two shifts alternating In/Out


Mandatory - Contact the Tour Operator XX

The activities are always available except for other visits


Everything described is included

Integrations with other EXPERIENCES including tastings are always possible