(4 - 5 hours )

The kitchen where the experience takes place is equipped for cooking with:

• gas stove

• electric ventilated oven

• wood-burning fireplace with vintage rotisserie

• stone and cast iron plate

• electric oven

• microwave

• electric plate

Taste Etruria with theoretical-practical demonstration and tasting.

Through an exciting multimedia presentation and a 2-hour basic practical course, it will be possible to discover the secrets of Etruscan cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, now a UNESCO heritage site.

You will receive an exclusive publication per couple for free, thanks to which you will be able to propose these unique dishes again upon your return.

This will be followed by a very pleasant 5-course lunch/dinner based on the previous preparations and tasting of a rare and exclusive wine (UNESCO recognition), prepared with Etruscan techniques by our associate RASENNA IN TUSCANY.

Followed by a visit to our exhibition of reproductions of finds relating to the conservation, cooking and consumption of food in the banquets of the wealthy and in the daily life of the Etruscan people.

PRICE xx€ per person - 4 people - minimum age 18 years for participation in the course

OPTIONAL 1 - In addition to the cooking class, for dinner only, it will be possible to participate in the outdoor ceremony in front of the faithful reproduction of the Chimera: "Smokes and perfumes at the fire of the Chimera" (30 min.)

PRICE xx€ per person

OPTIONAL 2 – Guided visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo with presentation of the Chimera room, set up with our collaboration, and the various Etruscan finds with particular reference to the banquet (2 hours)

PRICE xx€ per person

Our dining room is set up with:

• ETRUSCAN style crockery (where compatible with HACCP)

• KLINE (Etruscan style dining table)

• wall with fresco reproduction "Tomba dei Leopardi"

• KOTTABOS game 


4 people

For lunch/dinner, up to 6 people can participate; those who do not attend the course have a 35% discount


Mandatory - Contact the Tour Operator XX

The activities are always available unless other visits are in progress


Everything described is included

Integrations with other EXPERIENCES are always possible