(2 hours)

A singular and stimulating experience through the finds, the ecosystem and the films of the Mu.Vi. Museum of Life..

You will rediscover the past history of our planet to plan a better and eco-sustainable future together.

The main works are equipped with QR codes for explanations in English and Italian

The visit begins indoors, in the exhibition spaces of the Mu.Vi. where the prof. Gallorini, president of the Study Center, will illustrate the main events that have marked the history of our planet, including the great mass extinctions.

All accompanied by countless exhibits and explanatory videos.

At the end it is possible to share experiences and practical advice aimed at safeguarding the planet.

Continuing Outdoor, we show how we have practically implemented some measures in the creation of a small biolake and biopark, respecting the value of water, also to create a stone and dry garden.

PRICE xx€ per person - 20% discount over 4 - children up to 8 years free 


Minimum 2 (paying) - Maximum 8

In the case of large groups it is possible to carry out the visit in two shifts alternating In/Out


Mandatory - Contact the Tour Operator XX

The activities are always available except for other visits


Everything described is included

Integrations with other EXPERIENCES including tastings are always possible